The Foundry Union Station, The Foundry Printers Row – CrossFit

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2 rounds in 12 minutes of:

8 wall squats

8 Spiderman stretch

8 pass throughs

8 good mornings

8 behind the neck shoulder press

8 OHS or Snatch balance

4 fast burpees

:30 sec couch stretch per leg

Equipment: pvc, empty bar, optional abmat for stretch.


A: Snatch (Build to heavy 3-rep complex)


Power Snatch + OHS + Full Snatch

B: Snatch (8x (complex) @ 1:30 clock)

50-60% of [A]


Front Rack Lunge (4x 4 reps per leg @ 3:00 clock)

– Perform 4 reps on your WEAK leg first. Rest 30s. Perfrom 4 reps on your other leg.

– Build across the sets, but do not exceed 50% of you 1RM Front Squat