The Foundry Union Station, The Foundry Printers Row – CrossFit

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-kb calf smash – 1min per side

-lax ball glute smash- 2 min per side

-lax ball low back smash (feet elevated on box) -2 min per side

-lax ball hamstring smash on box- 2min per side

-hamstring banded distration – 1min per side

-frog stretch- 2 min

-psoas smash w/ lax ball and kb – 2 min per side

-lax ball anterior delt/pec minor smash- 90 sec per side

-banded bully- 1 min per side

– Scorpion- 1 min per side


:30 sec intervals


air squats

leg swings (front-back, side to side)

lunge w/ twist


kb swings (ligth)

kb push press (light)


Metcon (Time)

Kettlebell Complex 53/35

4x 4:00 clock

8 single arm kb front rack lunges

11 single arm thrusters

14 alternating single arm RUS kb swings
Complete the complex on both sides, then rest the remainder of the interval.

Score = total working time

RX+ is front rack step ups on a 24/20 box