It’s hard to believe, but we’re heading into week 5 of The Foundry Open!  17.4 was a repeat of 16.4 and a workout that was guaranteed to smoke your lower back and hammies (I just stopped being sore today).

FNL also fell on St. Paddy’s Day this year.  We had a few lucky leprechauns on hand for the occasion, so it should be no surprise that Coach Jared rocked the mic in his first appearance as MC, there were several first time Rx HSPU, and Coach Mel went HAM for 47 Handstand Pushups!

Before we kick of the final week, I want to take a moment to acknowledge all of you who are participating in the Open this year.  With over 100 of you competing, its the largest participation rate and number of total participants The Foundry has ever seen.  I love seeing your enthusiasm, camaraderie, team and community spirit.  It embodies why I wanted to start this gym and why I love coming to work each day.  Thank you for being a part of the community!

Week 4 Recap & Standings

Now into the second back half of the Open, the standings remain close.  Three of the four teams rocked St. Paddy’s Day themes, including some awesome leprechauns!  AMrap and Chill may have been caught chilling a little too much, as A Couple Snatches and a Few Jerks made a big surge in week 3, scoring big team check-in and photo points, and picking up team practice and team bonding points.  CN&FJ moved into 3rd place with 146pts.

But it’s the two teams from Printers Row that remain neck and neck for top team honors.  WODing Crashers remained consistently strong as they have all Open, scoring big in team check-ins, rallying their AM crew for photo props, nailing team practices, and even coming up with a unique team bonding idea! They are in second place with 182pts.  However, it was not enough to surpass Mutha’ Thrusters, who rocked a Toga Party theme this week and have been able to consistently lock down team bonding points with their “Well-oiled Wednesdays”.  They are your leader with 219pts.

See the full leaderboard here:

Thank you to Nickleback for sponsoring week 4. We will now return to a more diverse music selection.

Scoring Reminders

    • Check-In Points require the member to be both at the FNL event and additionally check into their team through Wodify.  Don’t forget to check in!
    • PR points will be awarded for specific movements, this week you may earn PR points by doing your FIRST DOUBLE UNDER
    • Partial team bonding points can be earned—1pt per person present, minimum of 5 people. IF 60% are in attendance, the full 15pts will be awarded.
    • Team practice is anytime you have more than 5 people together at the gym.  Yes, class counts! Snap those pics and post them to receive points!
    • Partial spirit points are available for teams who are not voted 1st place. (1st place – 10pts, 2nd place – 8pts, 3rd place – 6pts, 4th place – 4 pts).
    • Weeks will run from Thursday – Wednesday.
    • All activity is verified through social media postings—with proper hashtags, tags, check-ins and date posted.

Follow all the action and add your contributions on Instagram by searching the hastag: #foundryopen2017

Week 5 Preview

It comes as little surprise that we are seeing Thrusters and Double Unders in week 5.  But ouch, it’s a lot of them!!  As a reminder, the final FNL will be held at Union Station.  Doors open at 3pm, and the first heat will start at 5pm.

** Important ** We are modifying the time cap on the workout so that it is possible to run the event in a timely fashion and accommodate all athletes.  Please see additional details:

  • Heats are set to 12 people and will be run 30m apart. 
  • 8 of the lanes will be capped at 25 min for time purposes
  • 4 of the lanes at 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and 7:00pm will be allowed to use the full 40:00
  • If you are going in a 25min lane, you agree to be capped at that time.
  • If you are determined to do the workout Rx and think it may take you more than 25m, we recommend you do it in class.
  • You are responsible for lining up a judge prior to getting on the competition floor.  Please ask other members to judge you – coaches are administering the event and acting as head coaches.  We will serve as backups if needed but please try to line up another member first.
  • We need you to judge!  After you work out, plan on judging for the heat 2 heats after yours (I.E. if you work out in 5:00pm , plan to judge the 6:00 heat
  • Clipboards and Scoresheets will be kept at each workout station and stay there until the event is complete – no need to pickup at the front desk.  Leave your slip on the clipboard
  • Personal Record (PR) Points are available for the following: First Double Under
Similar to last week, each heat time will start with a briefing and warmup.  Your actual workout time will be approx 30 min after the heat time you are signed up for.
The post party this week will be held at the gym again! We’ll order pizza for anyone who would like to eat. Plan to bring cash to contribute to the cost of pizza–$10 per person is a good approximation. BYOB. N