Congratulations Foundry athletes on another successful week 3 of the Open.  Union Station came alive with cheers, snatch PR’s, and even more amazing team themes!

Something we appreciate very much as coaches is that each week, we get to see each of you push beyond what you thought you were capable of.  So many of you achieved your first C2B pullup, hit a new snatch PR or pushed much deeper into the workout than expected while your teammates screamed and cheered you on.  It fires us up and we love witnessing that sh*t!  So bring your A game to Printers Row tomorrow and let’s rock some HSPU in week 4!!

Week 3 Recap & Standings

Heading into week 3, the standings were very competitive.  Team AMrap and Chill, under the leadership of co-captain and notorious BRO SAFARI member Tyler Hohs, came out strong with their “comic book / hero” theme.  Meanwhile, teammate Ryan Crabtree went the distance into the 185# snatches.  Team CS&FJ took us for a ride on their “safari” theme while co-captain Marisa Bast led all women and tied for 1st overall with 93 reps!  Mutha’ Thrusters brought it again with their “cowboys” theme, complete with PJ in a donkey suit drinking cafe Columbiana and Kaitlin M smashing CTB pullups and squat snatches.

But the Open was also awash with controversy.  After being assessed a 1pt penalty after #photobombgate, WODing Crashers was out for blood.  In addition to their rockin’ superhero theme, fellow crashers were picketing and protesting the ruling.

WODing Crashers Protest

Picketers in the loft at Union Station

Somehow JQ became a target of the outrage over the deduction.  In one particularly vengeful sign he was linked to liking the band Nickelback.
JQ likes Nickelback #foundryopen2017

will they stop at nothing?

This image was captured at last Friday’s Open.  After being linked to our hashtag #foundryopen2017 it went viral and caught the attention of Chad Kroeger, lead singer of Nickleback.  In a late night phone call, Mr. Kroger, or “Chad” as we now refer to him, called JQ and informed him he was excited to have fans at The Foundry.  Chad was so thrilled that he wanted to sign on to sponsor Foundry Open 17.4 with just two conditions:
  • Nickelback be the exclusive source of music during all heats of 17.4
  • WODing crashers be awarded a bonus point for bringing awareness to this important issue.

We are thrilled with this partnership and are excited to bring you a Nickleback only playlist tomorrow night!

The standings after week 3 are as follows: The Motha’ Thrusters remain the current front runner with 163 pts.  After receiving the bonus point from “Chad”, WODing Crashers are surging and close behind with 139 pts. AMrap & Chill remains a significant threat with 112 pts, and CS&FJ is lurking just under the radar with 104 pts.  To see the complete scoring, check out the live scoring sheet.

Scoring Reminders

    • Check-In Points require the member to be both at the FNL event and additionally check into their team through Wodify.  Don’t forget to check in!
    • PR points will be awarded for specific movements, this week you may earn PR points by doing your first Handstand Push-Up!
    • Partial team bonding points can be earned—1pt per person present, minimum of 5 people. IF 60% are in attendance, the full 15pts will be awarded.
    • Team practice is anytime you have more than 5 people together at the gym.  Yes, class counts! Snap those pics and post them to receive points!
    • Partial spirit points are available for teams who are not voted 1st place. (1st place – 10pts, 2nd place – 8pts, 3rd place – 6pts, 4th place – 4 pts).
    • Weeks will run from Thursday – Wednesday.
    • All activity is verified through social media postings—with proper hashtags, tags, check-ins and date posted.

Follow all the action and add your contributions on Instagram by searching the hastag: #foundryopen2017

Week 3 Preview

Week 3 looks to be another great workout! As a reminder, tomorrow’s FNL will be held at Printers Row.  Doors open at 3pm, and the first heat will start at 5pm.  Additional details:

Heats are set to 8 people and will be run 20m apart
  • You are responsible for lining up a judge prior to getting on the competition floor.  Please ask other members to judge you – coaches are administering the event and acting as head coaches.  We will serve as backups if needed but please try to line up another member first.
  • We need you to judge!  After you work out, plan on judging for the heat 2 heats after yours (I.E. if you work out in 5:00pm , plan to judge the 5:40 heat
  • Clipboards and Scoresheets will be kept at each workout station and stay there until the event is complete – no need to pickup at the front desk.  Leave your slip on the clipboard
  • Personal Record (PR) Points are available for the following: First Rx HSPU
Similar to last week, each heat time will start with a briefing and warmup.  Your actual workout time will be approx 20 min after the heat time you are signed up for.
The post party this week will be held at the gym! We’ll order pizza for anyone who would like to eat. Plan to bring cash to contribute to the cost of pizza–$10 per person is a good approximation. BYOB. Nickelback playlist all night!