Team Foundry,

Congratulations and awesome job in week 1!  With close to 100 people in attendance, energy and enthusiasm were through the roof!  We saw lots of you push yourself to the limit and exceed what you thought you were capable of.  It was awesome to see!  Also, a big thank you to Body Gears Physical Therapy, who provided assessments, treatment, and taping to all our athletes.


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Week 1 Recap & Standings

Week one featured some strong efforts in the team competition.  All four teams had double-digit showings at the event and in their team photo.  A Couple Snatches and Few Jerks (CS&FJ) and AMRAP & Chill both had large turnouts at the event and great team spirit.  AMRAP & Chill kept adding to their total with a solid team practice in the wee hours of the morning.  WoDing Crashers showed up BIG at the Friday Night Lights, complete with screaming fans and signs (rule #115: Never walk away from a fellow crasher in a funny jacket!).  By a nearly unanimous vote, they took the Team Spirit award in the coaches meeting and captured 10 points.  At the end of Tuesday, they had a solid lead.

However, team Motha’ Thrusters came on strong at the end of the week, getting over 60% of their team together for a team outing at the Scout!  With the bonus 15pts, they are your leaders after week one with 46pts.  WODing Crashers is in second with 34, followed by AMRAP & Chill (31) and CS&FJ (23).  To see the complete scoring, check out the live scoring sheet.

Scoring Clarifications

To clarify a few things from the scoring:

  • Weeks will run from Thursday – Wednesday of the following week. (I.e. posts from this Thursday through next Wednesday count toward week 2, and posts from next Thursday to the following Wednesday count toward week 3).
  • Check-In Points require the member to both be at the FNL event and additionally check into their team through Wodify.  Don’t forget to check in!
  • PR points will be awarded for specific movements, and will be determined on a week by week basis.
  • The team bonding is worth a lot!  Get together with your peeps outside the gym.
  • Team practice is anytime you have more than 5 people together at the gym.  Yes class counts!

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Foundry Open Week 1 Practices

Week 2 Details

For tonight, we have another great workout involving dumbells and a high skill movement in the bar muscle-up.  To keep things running smoothly, please review the following changes from week 1:

  • Heats will be capped at 12 people, which will additionally be divided into an A and B group.  6 people will work out at a time, and the A and B groups will be spaced 15 minutes apart.
  • You are responsible for lining up a judge prior to getting on the competition floor.  Please ask other members to judge you – coaches are administering the event and acting as head coaches.  We will serve as backups if needed but please try to line up another member first.
  • We need you to judge!  After you work out, plan on judging for the heat 2 heats after yours (I.E. if you work out in 5:00pm “A” group, recover during the 5:00 “B” group, then plan to judge the 5:30 “A” group
  • Clipboards and Scoresheets will be kept at each workout station and stay there until the event is complete – no need to pickup at the front desk.  Take your slip with you when you’r workout is complete
  • Personal Record (PR) Points are available for the following:  First Rx Pullup in a workout, First Toes 2 Bar in a workout, First Muscle Up in a workout.  There is a limit of 1 per person per week

Similar to last week, each heat time will start with a briefing and warmup.  your actually workout time will be approx 30-45 min after the heat time you are signed up for.

The post party will be held at First Draft immediately following the event.

We look forward to seeing you tonight!