Foundry Fam,

Congratulations, athletes, and awesome job in week 2!  Once again, the energy and enthusiasm were through the roof—this time at Printers Row and with a workout that required a good amount of space, a lot of heats and a little patience! We saw many of you exceed what you thought you were capable of—and some PRs to go along with the extra effort.  It was an inspiring evening at The Foundry!  Another big thank you to Body Gears Physical Therapy, who provided assessments, treatment, and taping to all our athletes.  Body Gears will be back again for week 3 at Union Station!

Week 2 Recap & Standings

After WODing Crashers dominated the Spirit award in week 1, it was clear that all the teams were determined to bring their A game in week 2.  In fact, all four teams had 16 team members present at FNL!

Team A Couple Snatches and a Few Jerks came out strong in Army fatigues, complete with dog tags, wristbands, and some AK-47 ammo from Coach Adrian.  Team WODing crashers had another strong performance with their Martis Gras theme, and has been a force on social media before the sun rises! Team AMrap and Chill’s colors of the rainbow theme was subtle at first–true to their style–but it all made sense once they assembled for their team photo.  In addition, Team Ar+C scored big with their “chill zone”, complete with beer koozies and hanging out in the NE corner of the gym.  But it was Team Mutha’ Thrusters who captured top spirit points with their “life’s a beach” theme, complete with team members in bikinis and Coach Jeremy doing the workout in sunglasses.

AMrap and Chill and WODing Crashers were tied for second, before it was alleged that they “Crashed” another team’s photo op.  After an official review of the photos in question, the yellow flag was thrown and WC were assessed a 1pt penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.  There was an unidentified crasher in the photo and in a shocking twist of events, digital enhancement showed Coach Jeff involved in the crashing!!  See the evidence for yourself:

WODing Crashers

photo recovered from a shattered iphone discovered on the premises

Once again, team Motha’ Thrusters came on strong at the end of the week, getting over 60% of their team together for a team outing at Jimmy Green’s!  They are your leaders after week two with 109pts.  WODing Crashers and AMrap & Chill are neck and neck for second place with 79pts (AMrap) and 78pts (WOD), followed by CS&FJ with 62pts.  To see the complete scoring, check out the live scoring sheet.

Scoring Clarifications and Reminders

    • Check-In Points require the member to both be at the FNL event and additionally check into their team through Wodify.  Don’t forget to check in!
    • PR points will be awarded for specific movements, and will be determined on a week by week basis.
    • Team bonding is worth a lot! Although 60% is the requirement to get the full 15pts, partial points can now be earned for these outings. Teams can earn 1pt per person present, minimum of 5 people.
    • Team practice is anytime you have more than 5 people together at the gym.  Yes, class counts! Snap those pics and post them to receive points!
    • As of week 2, partial spirit points are available for teams who are not voted 1st place. (1st place – 10pts, 2nd place – 8pts, 3rd place – 6pts, 4th place – 4 pts).
    • Weeks will run from ThursdayWednesday.
    • All activity is verified through social media postings—with proper hashtags, tags, check-ins and date posted.
Here are a few shots from the event.  Follow all the action and add your contributions on Instagram by searching the hastag: #foundryopen2017

Week 3 Preview

Week 3 looks to be another great workout consisting of an ascending ladder of snatches and an increasing number of C2B pullups.  As a reminder, tomorrow’s FNL will be held at Union Station.  Doors open at 3pm, and the first heat will start at 5pm.  Additional details:

Heats are set to 12 people and will be run as follows:

  1. 5:00pm – Scaled
  2. 5:30pm – Rx
  3. 6:00pm – Scaled
  4. 6:30pm – Rx
  5. 7:00pm – Scaled
  6. 7:30pm – Rx
  • You are responsible for lining up a judge prior to getting on the competition floor.  Please ask other members to judge you – coaches are administering the event and acting as head coaches.  We will serve as backups if needed but please try to line up another member first.
  • We need you to judge!  After you work out, plan on judging for the heat 2 heats after yours (I.E. if you work out in 5:00pm “A” group, recover during the 5:00 “B” group, then plan to judge the 5:30 “A” group
  • Clipboards and Scoresheets will be kept at each workout station and stay there until the event is complete – no need to pickup at the front desk.  Take your slip with you when you’r workout is complete
  • Personal Record (PR) Points are available for the following:  First Rx C2B Pullup in a workout, Snatch PR.

Similar to last week, each heat time will start with a briefing and warmup.  your actual workout time will be approx 30 min after the heat time you are signed up for.

The post party will be held at Green Street Local immediately following the event.