From October 4-6, 2013, The Foundry will be well represented at The Granite Games in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The three-day competition is hosting hundreds of athletes from the United States and Canada, including twenty 2013 CrossFit Games competitors. The standards will be high and the competition fierce, but our athletes are up to the challenge!

Team Roster

Elite Men: Jon Colborn

AsRx Men: Joseph Roark

AsRx Women: Kumuda Pradhan

AsRx Team Men: Andrew Sapoznik/Wayne Banks II (Team Ebony & Ivory), Brian Wilimzig/Manny Apostol (Team Kitten Mittens), Noah LaPorte/Tom Kousgaard (Team Big with a Side of Ketchup)

AsRx Team Women: Jenni Hartman/Alecia Taylor (Team Foundry Ladies)

Scaled Men: Michael Gregus

All of our team members are excited to compete with some of the best CrossFit athletes in the country. Jon has the most competitive experience out of the team – he has competed in at the 2011 Swedish National Championships, 2011 Divided We Fall Games (UK), 2012 CrossFit Games North Central Regional (team), 2012 Firebreather Open, and the 2013 CrossFit Games North Central Regional (individual). The Elite Division boasts some high level athletes, including Tommy Hackenbruck, whom Jon states he “looked up to the most” when he was getting into CrossFit.

On the other side of the spectrum, some are pretty new to the world of competitive CrossFit.  Brian competed in the 2012 Firebreather Open and the 2013 CrossFit Games Open, and states his motivation for competing is to better himself as an athlete, to prepare for next year’s Open, and for fun and camaraderie.   Andrew has also competed in several local competitions and the Open, and is looking forward to “when the first event starts. Everything is BS until the timer starts.”  His partner, Wayne, is competing in his first competition, and his goal is “to win, period.”  Mike says that he enjoys the competition atmosphere and “watching my friends compete”, and he’s looking forward to his first experience on the arena floor.  Kumuda is excited about getting out of her comfort zone and competing in front of everyone, “including Stacie Tovar!”

The rest of the competitors have varying levels of experience in competition, but feel that the Foundry programming has served as great preparation for the competition ahead.  While most of the athletes have participated in this year’s Foundry strength program, others have been doing their own additional training as well as the Foundry regular programming.

Best of luck athletes!

Note: If you’re interested in competing in future CrossFit competitions, please let one of our coaches know so we can provide training strategies and programming assistance.