It’s hard to believe it’s February already!  With all the craziness of the Holidays & New Year behind us, we are seeing some really consistent attendance and major progress from Foundry athletes.  In January, we welcomed 38 new athletes, completed 2,517 WoD’s as a community, and set 267 PR’s.  Wow!!


  • Welcome New Athletes
  • Yoga Partnership with Yoga Six
  • CrossFit Games Open – Starts 2/26
  • Endurance Class @ PR
  • Congrats Trodo Teams & Volunteers

– Justin Quandt

Welcome New Athletes

AnchorPlease welcome Foundations graduates from the first two courses of the year.  Already many of these new athletes are getting better and making a big impact in class!  Keep it up!

* Not pictured: Camille, Sam, Dale, & Christine

** Also welcome experienced athletes: Jenna P. & Matt B!

If you have people in your circle that you think could benefit from The Foundry, encourage them to take the first step and register for the Free Intro Class!  Space is limited and every Foundations class sells out.  The sooner they take the first step, the sooner they can start reaching their goals!

Yoga Partnership with Yoga Six: Free February

We are always looking to maximize the value of Foundry membership.  With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Yoga Six that is exclusive to members of The Foundry.

During the month of February, Yoga Six (South Loop – located in the Roosevelt Collection) is offering an unlimited Yoga classes to all Foundry members.  Simply show up to any of their classes and provide your your name and take advantage of this offer.  You are also invited to participate in the Ignite workshop on 2/28

At the end of the month, Yoga Six will raffle off an additional free month of yoga to one Foundry member, and all Foundry members will be eligible for an ongoing discount.

For some of the benefits of incorporating Yoga into your CrossFit training, check out this article from the Tabata Times.

CrossFit Games Open – Starting 2/26

The CrossFit Games season is upon us once again, and we want YOU on Team Foundry.  This is our third year competing, and we look forward to having the biggest and best team participation yet!

What is the Open?

The CrossFit Games Open is an awesome way to put all your training and progress to the test!  Each week, CrossFit HQ releases a workout and all participants worldwide have four days to complete the workout and submit scores.  The Open is for all levels, and this year there is both an RX as well as a scaled division.  You’ll be able to measure your results against your past efforts, your CrossFit friends, other Foundry members, as well as the best athletes in the world!

We will be providing a detailed email with full instructions later this week, but here are some of the exciting things we have planned:

  • All members who register and participate in the Open will receive a limited edition Foundry CrossFit Games Open 2015 shirt.  The shirt will not be for sale, the only way to receive it is to participate!
  • Viewing parties every week when the workout is announced live!
  • Every Saturday during the open, we’ll be throwing a Games event with strategy, heats, and judging!  Cheer on your friends and the coaches as we all complete the workouts.
  • Foundry Teams with Coaches and Team Captains!

Stay tuned for more details, but registration is open now! ** Important Detail **

  • If you train primarily at Printers Row (more than 50% per week average), select “Printers Row CrossFit” as your affiliate.
  • If you train primarily at Union Station (more than 50% per week average), select “Union Station CrossFit” as your affiliate.
  • Please Do NOT select Foundry CrossFit as that is NOT us

Endurance Class – Saturday’s 8am @ PR

Since the start of the year, we now offer Endurance class every Saturday, 8am at Printers Row.

CrossFit Endurance is a training strategy that can be used to prepare for endurance events such as 5ks, half marathons / marathons, triathlons , obstacle course races, and more!  It’s based on a foundation of regular CrossFit classes, and includes additional workouts specific to those sports.  Additionally, it cam be done simply to improve your endurance & stamina or because you enjoy that type of workout.

Endurance is open to all athletes regardless of whether you intend to compete in endurance races.  For the winter season, our endurance classes will focus on rowing, but may also include other mono-structural activities such as burpees, jump rope, shuttle runs, or medium load weightlifting implements such as kettlebells, sandbags, or medicine balls.

Additional programming will be considered after the Open, based on demand.  If you are interested in organizing a team for an upcoming race this year, please let us know so we can help!

Congrats Trodo Teams & Volunteers

AnchorCongratulations to Jean Zhang, Mehdi Movaffagh, Megan Currier, & Todd Chandler who represented The Foundry at the Trodo Games!  For Medhi & Todd it was their first Trodo Games and first CrossFit competition!  The team competed hard at the CAT1 level, earning a 9th place finish in one WoD and finishing 19th overall.  In addition, there were many Foundry members on the volunteer team.  Great job guys!

Jean, Mehdi, Megan, & Todd