This past Saturday, we had nearly 100 athletes join us for Open workout 15.1!  All levels of experience were represented from seasoned veterans to athletes who just completed Foundations!  Six packed heats ran back to back – the amount of energy was incredible and we saw dozens of athletes set new PR’s on the Clean & Jerk and surpass what they thought they were capable of.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and I especially want to recognize those of you who felt a little nervous, but joined in anyway.  Your courage inspires everyone!  Whether you officially signed up or not, please join us this Saturday for week 2 and have fun participating in the workout and cheering on your friends.  Friends and family are invited to spectate as well!


Week 1 was extremely close between Dragons (PR) and FireBreathers (US), showing just how awesome and inspiring both teams are.  Scores were tabulated on three categories (top 4 men’s and women’s scores, participation in the Saturday workout, and team spirit)

Workout 15.1 Scores:

Printers Row Women: 510 reps
Printers Row Men: 611 reps
PR Total: 1,121 reps

Union Station Women: 577 Reps
Union Station Men: 580 Reps
US Total: 1,157 reps

Workout 15.1a:

Printers Row Women: 585 lbs
Printers Row Men: 1,020 lbs
PR Total: 1,605 lbs

Union Station Women: 627 lbs
Union Station Men: 983 lbs
US Total: 1,610 lbs

Week 1 was extremely close, but the edge goes to the Union Station Firebreathers, who took the first workout by 36 reps and the second by 5 lbs!

Score Data
Team Foundry Men
Team Foundry Women


Union Station had 28/45 registered athletes participate in Saturday’s event, but Printers Row had 36/53 for more total people as well as a higher participation.  The participation round goes to the Printers Row Dragons!

Team Spirit

The panel had an extremely difficult time choosing a winner.  Both teams brought tremendous energy, enthusiasm, and support.  Demonstrating the true spirit of community and competition, all athletes were supported by everyone there regardless of team affiliation, and a number of new connections were formed.  In the end, the scale was tipped just slightly by some fun outfits as seen on Quinn and Juan from US – giving the Union Station FireBreathers the nod.

The Week 1 Winner is: Union Station FireBreathers!

Amazing job by all, here are some images of some of the awesome moments from this past weekend!

New PR’s all around!

Week 2 Schedule

We’ll be back at it this weekend for another epic Saturday at The Foundry – Union Station!  Don’t miss your chance for glory!  Remember there will be a post-party in the loft immediately following the final heat, bring a food or drink item to share!

9am: Doors open, check-in and heat sign-up
9:45: Workout briefing & warm-up
10:15: First heat kicks off
11:30: FireBreather / Elder Dragon heat
12pm: Potluck and Fun!

*Printers Row will be closed to accommodate this special event

We look forward to seeing you there!

– Coach JQ