The Foundry Union Station – CrossFit

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Use A1-A3 as activation drills not max effort.

A1: Side plank Clamshells (3 x 5-8 per side)


A2: GHD Back Extensions (3 x 5 )


A3: Double KB/DB overhead carry (3 x 80 ft)


B: Behind the Neck wide grip Split Jerk (10 x 1 every :30 seconds)


Coming from the rack use a overhead grip and place the bar such as back squat.

step back and split jerk the bar.
Use this as technique primer before overhead squats. Empty bar or really light weight.

Same weight across.

Focus on footwork during split position and speed under the bar.

C: Overhead Squat (5-4-3-2-2-2-5)

6 sets to build to a heavy double followed by a lighter set of 5 reps

The goal of today is full range of motion and stable overhead. Use a weight that will allow to accomplish the goal. If needed use a 3010 tempo.

D1: Barbell Hip Extension(thruster) (3 x 10)

D2: Weighted Front Plank (3 x 1 min)

Plate on back