The Foundry Union Station – Barbell Club

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A: Snatch from blocks (10 x 1 )

Snatch from the blocks with the bar starting above the knee
10 sets x 1 rep

Pulling from the blocks, bar above knee or even mid-tight. Muscle, power or full snatch is accepted today.

The goal is to learn to stay over the bar, pull the bar to the hips and full extension of the hips, knees and ankles.

work between 50-75%

20 minutes for this section

B: Shoulder Press (4 x 5 @3010)

Shoulder press from split jerk position.

4 sets x 5 reps @ 1 up, 3 down.

first set up your split jerk position. Rep 1 is a strict press.

Learn to keep your hips under the shoulders and core engage.

This drills develops stability on the split position.

Work between 40-70% of 1RM, position, mechanics and tempo more important than weight.



C1: GHD sit up 5-10

C2: Hip thrust 10-20 (using bench)

C3: Russian twist 10