About Us

The Foundry Mission

“We help people Forge their Best Self through sustainable health and fitness.”

Our Vision

We provide world-class coaching and workout programming and our members have access to two state-of-the-art facilities in downtown Chicago.  Our community is vibrant – we welcome all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and backgrounds.  We believe in CrossFit, which allows our members to be athletic, feel amazing, and be prepared for a whatever life throws at you!

Everything we do is completely scalable, our coaches help you determine the appropriate variation of each movement for your ability level to ensure you’re safe and able to  make progress during each workout!  You, may be saying, “I need to get in shape to start CrossFit”.  We have worked with 65 year old grandmas, people who have never stuck with a fitness program before, high level athletes, and everyone in between !  No matter where you’re starting from, we’re here to help you launch your fitness journey and get into the best shape of your life so that you can live the best life possible! You are ready! Here’s how to get started.

At The Foundry, we are a team – together we take on new challenges and break down old barriers. We laugh and joke, we have fun and support each other.  We connect with each other authentically, through shared goals and values.  We fall down and get up again.  We take our training seriously, and ourselves not too seriously.  We reconnect with our natural way of moving, with more power and less effort.  We take the impossible and make it possible!

We’re Committed to the Following


  • Offer the best selection of program options and class times
  • Employ the most educated, experienced and caring coaches
  • Offer the best in industry member service experience


  • A warm and welcome environment for new athletes
  • High quality, frequent community events
  • Providing the best hour of your day!


  • Modern, clean facility with amenities: locker rooms, showers, towel service, & lounge
  • Colorful, fun design and aesthetics
  • Walking distance to downtown, Chicago’s West Loop and South Loop neighborhoods


  • The top equipment from Rogue to support our varied programming
  • Plentiful equipment and space for all athletes in class
  • A variety of specialty items to prepare for the unknown and unknowable!