Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What brought you to Chicago? What are you passionate about?


I’m from Toronto, Canada, but was born and raised in Zambia. I’ve moved around for school and my husband’s training, but we ended up in Chicago just chasing a dream to “live in a fun city.” I’m passionate about food, my family and friends, and now fitness!


What was your relationship with fitness or athletics growing up? What made you decide to include CrossFit in your life?


I did not have an athletic bone in my body growing up and fitness or athletics were never part of my life. After gaining several pounds, and losing some self-confidence, during and after law school, I started to dabble with working out. I tried various barre and HIIT classes, and boot camps for 2-3 years. I saw minor changes but felt like I was not getting stronger. As my husband and I traveled more, I also became increasingly aware of the fact that in order to truly enjoy our travels, and participate in all kinds of adventure experiences, I needed to be stronger and less afraid – of failing, of not being able to do certain things. That’s when my husband encouraged me to try Crossfit – he had been doing Crossfit for 2-3 years and felt it might help me meet these goals. On October 1, 2018, I had my No-Sweat Session with Justin at The Foundry. And my life changed. 

What does training with The Foundry family mean to you in your life?

Training with the Foundry Family is hard to describe – everyone is so encouraging! The sense of accomplishment that you share with a group that’s just completed a WOD together is incredible. The coaches are so fantastic, so knowledgeable and so warm and welcoming. I’ve been personal training with Justin since I started at the Foundry and I cannot say enough good things about his patience, knowledge, and encouragement – he kicks my butt at every workout, and I challenge him by struggling with double unders to this day! Training at the Foundry is one of the best parts of my day – it helps me unwind and feel an unmatched sense of accomplishment, regardless of how the rest of my day is.

If there was one CrossFit movement you’d like to perfect, what would it be?

The day I first met with Justin, I told him I wanted to be able to do a pull-up – that to me it was a sign of strength and physical ability. We have made progress, and it is still the movement I would like to perfect!


What adventures, events, or future bright spots do you have planned?

My next adventure is a trip to Portugal for my best friend’s wedding! I have never traveled there and am so excited.

What are your words to live by?

For health and fitness: You need to have discipline because you won’t always have the motivation (I think JQ quoted this in one of his blog posts and it really stuck)
For life generally: live fearlessly, laugh uncontrollably, and love unconditionally.

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?

One thing many people don’t know about me (that I touched on earlier) is that I was born in Zambia, and lived there until I was 16. My great-grandfather immigrated there in the 1930s, and I’m the 3rd generation to be born there.