“May the WoD’s be ever in your favor.”

This Saturday, July 14 at 10am, join us for the first ever Foundry Games!

The Foundry Games are our version of the Reebok CrossFit Games being held this weekend at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA.

Games Details:

Registration is open for 16 men and 16 women. The format is single elimination tournament style. There are 4 workouts in total. An opening WoD will qualify the top 8 for the tournament rounds and determine seeding. In subsequent rounds, competitors will face off against one opponent; the athlete who earns the better score will advance. The last remaining male and female will be declared the winner!

The games will last until approximately noon and spectators are welcome.

CrossFit Games Viewing Party & Pot Luck

Afterward, please join us for our CrossFit Games Paleo pot-luck viewing party from 12:30-4pm. Guests are asked to please bring a Paleo dish (RSVP in the comments with what you are bringing). A grill and a microwave are available. The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games are being broadcast on ESPN3 and we will have the feed hooked up to the big screen in the lounge. No athlete has ever won the CrossFit Games twice – will Rich Froning be the first to defend the title? Do our North Central Regional athletes Elisabeth Akinwale or Kyle Kasperbaur have what it takes to make the podium? Come enjoy the coverage and some tasty food at The Foundry this Saturday.

The Foundry is a world-class health and fitness training facility and CrossFit affiliate located in downtown Chicago. Our convenient location at 730 S. Clark is right in the heart of Printers Row and is easily accessible from Downtown, The Loop, & The South Loop

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