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Getting Started

Whether you have been exercising regularly or are just taking the first step toward improving your fitness, The Foundry is committed to helping you achieve your unique goals.

The No-Sweat Intro

To learn more about The Foundry and see if it is right for you, please set up a free 30-minute no-sweat intro using the form below.

We have been helping people achieve their goals for over seven years.  In that time, we have learned that to be successful with your health and fitness, you need more than just an effective workout program – you need structure, accountability, and social support to stay on track.

That’s where we come in.  Our coaches work with you to develop the skills, practices, and habits that are part of a healthy lifestyle.

We also understand that people are different – we work with clients who are just starting out, advanced athletes, and everyone in between.  Based on your unique background and goals, we can help you develop a plan that works with your lifestyle and addresses your specific challenges.

The Foundry 100

During the no-sweat intro, you will meet with one of our fabulous coaches and begin creating this plan.  The Foundry 100 is a personalized roadmap that guides your journey toward better health and performance over your first 100 days as a member.  We will work together to determine whether to focus on personal training, group classes, nutrition coaching, or a combination of all three.  You will leave the session with a clear picture of how to work towards your goals.

Set up Your No-Sweat Intro

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