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Whether you are an accomplished athlete or are just taking the first step toward improving your fitness, The Foundry is committed to helping you achieve your unique goals.

Before becoming a member, it’s important to learn what we do, how we do it, and whether our process is a good fit for you. All prospective members start with a free consultation.

Getting Started

Step 1: Free Consultation

Request a Free Consultation by completing the form to the right.  After we receive your information, one of our coaches will contact you for scheduling.

During the session, we will find out where you are now with your nutrition and fitness, help you identify your goals, and map out a plan for how to achieve them. At the conclusion, you and your coach will determine whether to proceed with our Assessment and Forge process

Step 2: The Forge

In a metal foundry, a forge is a place where hot metal is pressed into shape and impurities are removed to prepare it for further refinement. At The Foundry, our approach to training is the same.

We start with an assessment to better understand your current strength, conditioning, and flexibility.  Following the assessment, you will complete 4-12* private sessions with a professional coach to prepare you for group classes. The number of sessions is determined by your experience level and throughout your training, we will define proper nutritional habits, improve your conditioning, and teach you how to move safely and effectively across a wide variety of Gymnastics, Weightlifting, and Conditioning movements. Your coach will also work with you to address any specific weaknesses or limitations to unlock your true posture, flexibility, and athleticism.

*advanced athletes may require fewer sessions or may proceed after the initial assessment at the discretion of a coach.

Step 3: Membership

Upon graduation from the program, you will be set up for success with our group classes and be well on your way toward achieving the best fitness of your life.  Your coach will continue to meet with you at least once every three months to assess your progress toward your goals and ensure your ongoing success.

To ensure results and maintain a healthy community, membership spaces are limited.





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