May Your Radiance Shine on Forever

Thank you to everyone who was inspired by my previous article and took the time to reach out via email, phone, and in person and share how it affected you. My Mom passed away Wednesday morning, following her long battle with Cancer.  She remained herself until the very end, holding court and cracking jokes with […]

What I Have Learned From My Mom So Far

  My mom is pretty amazing. For starters, she’s been the source of unconditional love and support to me and our family throughout our lives.  She has always believed in me and encouraged me to pursue my dreams.  She has always been there to comfort me when things were tough and listened when I needed […]

Olympic Weightlifting: An Athletes Comprehensive Guide

by Jared Richmond What is Weightlifting? Olympic Style Weightlifting or just Weightlifting as it is referred to, has been around since the Olympics began in 1896. The sport began utilizing both one and two hand lifts, much like we see in CrossFit with both dumbbell and barbell Snatches and Clean and Jerks. It has since […]

5 Excuses For Not Joining The Spartan Program (And What To Do About Them)

As you may have heard, The Foundry is running an 8-week program to improve your running and comprehensively prepare you for the upcoming Spartan Race June 10/11 in Richmond, IL.  The pre-sale is sold-out, but after speaking with the coaches, we decided to open up a few additional spots for those who may have missed […]

Foundry Open Champs Announced!

Plus post-party details! by Justin Quandt Team Foundry, Thank you for your patience with me in getting an update on 17.5 to you! I was at home last week with my family and it put me a little behind on my communication. That said, I can hardly believe the Open is over!  The last week […]

Spartan SGX @ The Foundry

An 8-week intensive program designed to build the skills and confidence necessary to take on the Spartan Race obstacle course. Spartan SGX @ The Foundry is a Crossfit Endurance-based approach to building aerobic capacity and training obstacle fundamentals. This program will push you outside of your comfort zone and help you forge your best self […]

Foundry Open Week 4 Recap and Week 5 Preview!

It’s hard to believe, but we’re heading into week 5 of The Foundry Open!  17.4 was a repeat of 16.4 and a workout that was guaranteed to smoke your lower back and hammies (I just stopped being sore today). FNL also fell on St. Paddy’s Day this year.  We had a few lucky leprechauns on […]

Foundry Open Week 3 Recap + Week 4 Preview!

Congratulations Foundry athletes on another successful week 3 of the Open.  Union Station came alive with cheers, snatch PR’s, and even more amazing team themes! Something we appreciate very much as coaches is that each week, we get to see each of you push beyond what you thought you were capable of.  So many of […]

Foundry Open Team Week 2 Recap

Foundry Fam, Congratulations, athletes, and awesome job in week 2!  Once again, the energy and enthusiasm were through the roof—this time at Printers Row and with a workout that required a good amount of space, a lot of heats and a little patience! We saw many of you exceed what you thought you were capable of—and […]

Choosing progressions doesn’t show weakness: It shows intelligence

Handstand push-ups are on the agenda today: 5 sets of 5 reps as challenging as possible. Some athletes kip, others do strict deficit sets, but the great majority choose a “progression” to get through their sets—be it pike push-ups, push-ups or DB shoulder press. You’re trying to decide what progression you should use. You know […]